"Lee Kessler kept me spell bound by her intriguing, articulate way she writes. The story is what we are all experiencing at this moment in time and her solution is brilliant. I wish all would read so we could be one again for the betterment of our country."

Sandy Bryant, Palm Harbor ,Fl

"A group can be taken down by internal fighting. An outside force is creating this division in the US and has been for m any years. I want everyone to read this book because I love my fellow Americans--all of them. The reader comes to realize who the actual enemy is and how to unite to stop their tactics. After reading it practically non-stop, I wanted everyone of us to go where the White King and the Seat at the Table took me. We can win. Superior writing. Insightful perception of the world."

Marcy Sanders, Non-Profit Exec, FL

"I finished the book in tears of joy mixed with a dangerous caution of what is before us as a challenge to the nation and the world. This book read as a form of a documentary in the sense that it aligns with current and past events that dovetail to the current. The warning is that if we do nothing this is clearly on a trajectory of a complete slave-like society solely dependent on the enemy for survival. Paramount reading and a must to get out far and wide before it's too late. Stupendous work Lee and a sea change for this civilization if we can save it."

David Sutter, Clearwater, FL

"Don't miss this gem! In "White King and the Seat at the Table" Kessler brings a cast of characters to life in a riveting plot which more closely resembles our current reality with every passing day. Suspense-filled this novel entertains while delivering a timely message."

Christine Ungar, Fredericksburg, Virginia

"Lee Kessler has capped the White King series with an explosive story. Each of the other three has resonated with hints of the reality underlying current events, but this book surpasses them all. It gives the reader a view from the top and a call to action."

Sue Eller, author and freelance writer, Spokane, Washington

"This is a riveting story that cuts through the veil of propaganda and opens one's eyes to "see what you see, not what someone tells you that you see" and outlines what is being planned by those whose scheme is not in our best interest. It gives one the courage to join a group to peacefully restore America and end the Great Reset. While this is a fictional story, the reflection on today's society shines through and give the reader something to think about while experiencing many emotions from terror to exhilaration. A must read."

Tony Lonstein, Clearwater, FL

"Simply Brilliant! I recently heard about this book and it sounded so interesting that I decided to read all 4 books in the series. So glad I did! It was difficult to put them down. Written as fiction but you can see the truths. Educational and Entertaining. The great thing is Lee Kessler provides a solution to current events happening in our country with one caveat--we must get into action fast!"

Ellen Firestone, COO, Pennsylvania

"Thank you Lee. I loved the book. Eye opening on so many levels. It makes everything we're witnessing right here and right now so very REAL! We can't sit back anymore can we! I haven't read the other 3 books yet. My next project... I have shared the book and will continue to do so. Again, thank you. Blessings & gratitude!"

Tina Paradiso, Church musician; choir director; music director, Oregon

"As current events in America change rapidly, in a downward spiral many feel hopeless. Lee Kessler has given us hope in White King and the Seat at the Table. The group of hero’s come together to confront an evil that is targeting not only America but the world. Reading, I was intrigued to imagine the names currently at a secret table. Amazingly, James Mikolas and team once again use their combined talents to thwart the enemy. I highly recommend Ms. Kessler’s final book in her White King series. Each novel written in separate eras; however, it is urgent to read White King and a Seat at the Table if an effective solution is to be implemented. Is this fiction or factual is what one may ask themselves"

Connie Smalley, Virginia Beach

"I finished the book in tears of joy and a dire reminder of the daunting task ahead, if this book doesn't play out. The 10 X 10 of distribution of the book is an honest effort to shift the balance of power back to America and the world. Please read the book and take heed. It's "EARTHMOVING". Revel in the ride of your life and please read the bool and pass it on your life depends on it. Having read the book a while back I’ve observed the precision of all the events that plague this nation and earth. Lee has clearly marked our work if we are to put a stop to this madness in her proposition of the 10X rule. Pretty simple really and if we succeed it will be Americas brightest hour. If we fail it would be our darkest hour and my freedom to write these words will be gone as will all our freedoms. Let’s together work hard to shine the light of truth and go free."

Dave Sutter, Florida


Here are some of the early reader reviews of the White King and the Seat at the Table

Like the gasp of instinctive adjustment when entering cold water, the reader palpably reacts as real-life, real-time events and people begin to be recognized. Kessler, known for her “God’s eye view” perspective, brings into sharp focus the murky, muddled connections of seemingly unrelated happenings and their effect on our country and world. As the plot and characters move briskly between cities and continents, intentional destruction and soulless, malevolent future plans—across all aspects of society on a global scale—are revealed. Truth is revealed, both damning and liberating. The hero himself realizes that “What you cannot face will bring you down. But what you do face, you have a chance of defeating.” An intense battle ensues to change the course of events. The battle plan’s creation itself is ingenious, enlightening, and a true example of Kessler’s talent for analysis and storytelling. While deeply frightening in its plausibility and urgency, this “peak heart rate” thriller is also hopeful, humorous, touching, and inspiring. But most importantly, it is a harbinger and call to action—quickly—for all who care about the preservation of our very humanity—indeed, our “humanness.”

—“Sam” Warner, Former NASA Public Affairs Specialist and Health Care Administrator, Florida

Lee Kessler has done it again! Inspired by current events of the 2020s, she has, once again, been able to bring clarity—through her prophetic style of writing novels—to the roller coaster ride that America has been on since early 2020. The author is able to help the reader assemble all of the puzzle pieces together into a clear picture of enlightenment.
I was hooked from the opening chapter and found myself unable to put the book down. Much in the same way when Netflix loads 10 episodes of your favorite drama series, I kept wanting to dive into the next chapter to see what twists and turns were coming.
For those of us who consider ourselves patriots in the United States and notice the cultural shift and sense an undercurrent of evil that threatens to destroy us from within, Lee Kessler articulates a proverbial warning that will shake readers to their core.
I can only hope that the ending of “White King and the Seat at the Table” is a harbinger of a better tomorrow in America.

—Vincent Rush, Owner, Rush Business Group, LLC , Ohio

Lee Kessler has done a great job with “White King and the Seat at the Table.” I found myself not being able to put the book down. It is very compelling and thought provoking. Looking at current events through the lens of this book, I was thankful she offers a solution. Read and be stirred!

—Jeff Moore, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur, Texas

Having read the first three books in the “White King” series, I knew I was in for a ride, through fictionalized storytelling of history in the making. But in this latest installment, “White King and the Seat at the Table”—coincident with almost daily shifts in the world as we have come to see it unravel—I was not prepared for the dramatic highs and lows of emotions I experienced as I traveled with old and new friends and old and new enemies.
The pace had its ebbs and flows, from thoughtful perceptions of disquieting signals in otherwise-tranquil moments at national monuments to high-intensity, high-alert rapid-fire actions and international intrigue. There are questions always present of who’s doing what to whom, especially since everything Kessler writes mirrors real-time events. How do we prepare for what’s coming?
In fact, this story touched so deeply with concerns I have about the future of our country, and for the future of life itself, I found myself crying for several pages. I was almost losing hope, like our protagonists must have felt at the unimaginable task ahead, and then finding relief and hope again in the pages that followed with the unbelievable—yet oddly well seated in reality—solutions! By the end, moments of despair turned to hope and a regained belief in the inherent goodness of men and the ability of individuals to work together to reclaim the freedoms for which so many, past and present, have fought and died.
An inventive, deeply personal writer, Kessler has the courage to share through fiction what she has observed and analyzed with breathtaking accuracy. She does not depend on outside sources for her analyses, preferring her stories to unfold with the depth and breadth of her own research and ability to pervade her characters’ personalities in order to predict their actions and intentions. Her unwavering belief in the basic goodness of people everywhere inspires her to look for solutions to the problems we face as offered through her protagonists.
With so much bad news surrounding us, the question remains: What can any of us do about it? “White King and the Seat at the Table” provides both the reality and the answers! A book for all generations. A book for now. Today’s nightmares, tomorrow’s solutions.

—Tanii Carr, Author and Ocala Horse Consultant, Florida

Right now, multiple aspects of our world are not just divisive, they’re downright frightening. Will we ever achieve harmony? If it continues to worsen, can the world survive? Is it a coincidence that so much got so bad so fast? Open the cover of this clairvoyant book and discover the deceitful, vicious truth fully displayed through fiction by this brilliant author. The bonus is a “map” for how it can be turned around and an ending you’ve just got to read.

- Marcy Sanders, Nonprofit Founder and Counselor, Florida

Once again, master storyteller Lee Kessler has crafted in “White King and the Seat at the Table” a suspense-filled, truth-based thriller that makes us seriously rethink what is happening right before our eyes—what we read, hear, and see about politics, business, and world affairs.
In the fourth in the “White King” series, the characters uncover and take us through the spider web of deceit, lies, and propaganda known as Perception Management (PM), used by those who covet power and a seat at the table to ensure their agenda—the Great Reset—at any cost.
Through mainstream media, social networking platforms, commercials, film, TV, education, radio, internet and more, Kessler brilliantly lays out how Perception Management teams are wielding the tools our population relies on for the truth. PM insidiously changes how and what we think. While PM is widely known and used in politics, the misinformed general public is unaware of being played by spins that are outright lies, deepfake videos, misdirection, and planted news stories.
I believe it is every citizen’s right and duty to look behind the “curtain” of what we are being subjected to in this brave new world of Perception Management in order to truly understand how our freedoms are being eroded. Lee Kessler’s book, though fiction, reads like an enticing nonfiction work.

—Eileen Drillick-Batson, Marketing and PR Consultant and Internet Entrepreneur, Florida

Seldom does a work of fiction contain an urgency factor, but this new book by Lee Kessler exposes an evil that is currently eating our culture alive. In great detail, it reveals a very real plot to enslave the world, and it inspires effective action by people who wish to remain free.

—Tom Solari, Award-winning Filmmaker and Screenwriter (“America!” and “In Search of Liberty”)

an ending you've just got to read