The White King

The 4th and final book
in the acclaimed White King Series,
the story of the most important battle in our lifetime.
Fact-based fiction, it is history in our time.


Once in a lifetime comes a work of fiction that addresses an existing horror in such a way that it can help save humanity and change the course of history. That is "White King and the Seat at the Table." This is the call to action needed to stop the world-enslaving Great Reset in its tracks. Read it like your life depends upon it because it does - yours and generations to come.
- Tom Solari, Award-Winning Filmmaker and Screenwriter
("America!" and "In Search of Liberty")

on the edge of elimination


This is the story of America, Americans, and a future being planned for us. It is the story of the Great Reset. Inspired by current events, the novel reveals WHO is orchestrating the plan to bring the world under one global governance that will control every aspect of our lives. It is also the story of WHY they are doing it. This global body has infiltrated every foundational institution of the United States that is under duress and imploding right now - family, education, religion, justice, and military. Using breathtaking information warfare and perception management, executed at the highest levels, the plan is to overwhelm our reason with a deadly emotion and for the United States to submit, causing all other countries to do the same.

Real-life fictionalized villains are pitted against fictitious heroes in the villains' race to subjugate the people of the United States. Once again, former CIA analyst James Mikolas partners with computer game designers and athletes Andy Weir and Brian Washington Carver in this fourth and final book in the "White King" series. They are joined in this effort to prevent the Great Reset by Bud Walker, a media mogul whose taste for corporate media empires has soured, and by two new covert operators, Vince McCoy and his white hat hacker Hector Rodriguez.

Outmanned and underfinanced, this courageous group of Americans launches a counterattack to stop something that is, in fact, happening in real time - today. Their plan is breathtakingly simple and will keep the reader on the edge of his seat, heart pounding. Rooted in truth, their approach taps into our very core values, our sanity, and our righteousness. Their strategy is to peacefully restore America and end the Great Reset.

"White King and the Seat at the Table" is fact-based fiction. Be ready to cry, to feel terror, to experience anger, to laugh, and to cheer - for the outcome will be determined by us, the American people.

this book blew
me away

The Series

"White King and the Seat at the Table" will open the floodgates of intrigue and the dilemma of a country on the edge of elimination. Lee Kessler has once again proven herself to be a master of storytelling with a true understanding of the sordid options and goals of the few who control from within, while holding, at the same time, "a seat at the table." This book blew me away!
- Gerald R. Molen, Academy Award-Winning Producer
("Schindler's List," "Jurassic Park," and "2016: Obama's America")

In an era where fiction has become synonymous with fantasy, Kessler has crafted a series as grounded as it is grand. This return to the "White King" series is equal parts plausible, purposeful, and personally challenging. It is a compelling and insightful novel from a truly gifted storyteller.
- Mark Nathan, Entrepreneur and Author
("The Delusion of Passion")

The globalists (international bankers, Big Tech entrepreneurs, and greedy, scheming bureaucrats) have been planning the Great Reset for years.

When the novel's villain, Ernst Schweiner, has his meetings with the most powerful men in the world, they reassure him that the United States is ripe for the taking. It is time for a global government and a global economy. All people on Earth are to be subjugated under one global governance - to be accomplished using media warfare and a biological attack executed at the highest levels of government.

Ms. Kessler has suspensefully intertwined the fictionalized story of those men and women - who they are and why they did what they did - with the counterattack our young heroes, a media mogul, and three intelligence operatives create. Great writing. Everyone needs to read this book.

- Paul E. Vallely, MG, U.S. Army Ret., and Chairman, Stand Up America US Foundation

truly gifted storytelling



Discussing White King and the Battle of America: the Endgame


Like the gasp of instinctive adjustment when entering cold water, the reader palpably reacts as real-life, real-time events and people begin to be recognized. Kessler, known for her "God's eye view" perspective, brings into sharp focus the murky, muddled connections of seemingly unrelated happenings and their effect on our country and world. As the plot and characters move briskly between cities and continents, intentional destruction and soulless, malevolent future plans - across all aspects of society on a global scale - are revealed. Truth is revealed, both damning and liberating. The hero himself realizes that "What you cannot face will bring you down. But what you do face, you have a chance of defeating." An intense battle ensues to change the course of events. The battle plan's creation itself is ingenious, enlightening, and a true example of Kessler's talent for analysis and storytelling. While deeply frightening in its plausibility and urgency, this "peak heart rate" thriller is also hopeful, humorous, touching, and inspiring. But most importantly, it is a harbinger and call to action - quickly - for all who care about the preservation of our very humanity - indeed, our "humanness."

- "Sam" Warner, Former NASA Public Affairs Specialist and Health Care Administrator, Florida

Lee Kessler has done it again! Inspired by current events of the 2020s, she has, once again, been able to bring clarity - through her prophetic style of writing novels - to the roller coaster ride that America has been on since early 2020. The author is able to help the reader assemble all of the puzzle pieces together into a clear picture of enlightenment.

I was hooked from the opening chapter and found myself unable to put the book down. Much in the same way when Netflix loads 10 episodes of your favorite drama series, I kept wanting to dive into the next chapter to see what twists and turns were coming.

For those of us who consider ourselves patriots in the United States and notice the cultural shift and sense an undercurrent of evil that threatens to destroy us from within, Lee Kessler articulates a proverbial warning that will shake readers to their core.

I can only hope that the ending of "White King and the Seat at the Table" is a harbinger of a better tomorrow in America.

- Vincent Rush, Owner, Rush Business Group, LLC , Ohio

Lee Kessler has done a great job with "White King and the Seat at the Table." I found myself not being able to put the book down. It is very compelling and thought provoking. Looking at current events through the lens of this book, I was thankful she offers a solution. Read and be stirred!

- Jeff Moore, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur, Texas

Right now, multiple aspects of our world are not just divisive, they're downright frightening. Will we ever achieve harmony? If it continues to worsen, can the world survive? Is it a coincidence that so much got so bad so fast? Open the cover of this clairvoyant book and discover the deceitful, vicious truth fully displayed through fiction by this brilliant author. The bonus is a "map" for how it can be turned around and an ending you've just got to read.

- Marcy Sanders, Nonprofit Founder and Counselor, Florida

an ending you've just got to read

Lee Kessler is a television actress, screenwriter, playwright, stage director, and e-commerce business owner. Her career in Hollywood and New York spans 40-plus years and includes dozens of guest-starring roles in episodic TV, mini-series, and movies of the week. She had reoccurring roles in the series "Hill Street Blues" and "Matlock" and was submitted for Emmy nominations twice for her starring roles in the movie "Collision Course" and the ABC special "Which Mother Is Mine?" She co-starred with Peter O'Toole in the movie "Creator."

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